George Soros Learned How To Profit From A Rich Education That He Earned In London

Nearly all people who have come into hefty sums of capital are inclined to keep it for their families and themselves. Mr. George Soros isn’t this type of man. George desires to transform the country for the best, and George knows that capital is frequently the way to help this happen. George Soros was raised in Hungary, and when he was a child of barely 14 years old George witnessed the incursion of Hitler’s Nazis. George’s last name at birth was Schwartz, as he was born into a Jewish family. George’s dad was frightened that if the Nazi soldiers found their Jewish ancestry that their family would be exterminated, or sent away to the camps as slaves under Hitler’s army. His dad used what funds he had acquired from being a diligent attorney, and procured paperwork that was falsified to document that his family members were Christians. To try and protect their family further, his dad split them apart and sent them all too different areas. To conclude this extent of protection, George’s dad altered their last name to become Soros. It is a new word that translates to “will soar,” or rise above the tyranny they were up against. Soros is a term from Esperanto, which his dad instructed George how to speak when he was a boy. Read more at The New York Times about George.

When Hitler’s Nazis were defeated, George travelled to London. George was exposed to the celebrated Karl Popper’s ideologies, concerning the notion of an open & free society, and that a society free of social inequality can actually grow and flourish. This ultimately became George’s viewpoint on life. George obtained a prestigious Master’s degree in the field of philosophy and started to labor for a brokerage firm known as Singer and Friedlander. There, George started to deal in what is called venture securities. George would buy one country’s securities, only to profit from the sale of those securities to a different country. This behavior, within 4 years, permitted George to acquire enough capital to relocate to America.

Mr. Soros traveled to New York, and in time, George earned to be a citizen of America and began to work for numerous Wall Street enterprises. In the 1970’s, Mr. Soros had gained enough wealth to start his hedge fund enterprise, which he named the Soros Fund. A little bit later this was updated to become known as the Quantum Fund Endowment. George’s achievements allowed him to start to use his wealth to help out people who were poor and up against social oppression. From his charity endeavors George Soros has contributed billions to support people and also businesses fight for justice. Read this story about George at

Betsy Aims To Reform American Education

Betsy DeVos is a woman changing the face of the American education system. Hailing from Michigan, Betsy currently serves as the Minister of Education of the United States, under the rule of President Donald Trump. Since the beginning of her career, Betsy has worked hard to changing the education system for the betterment of the children of America and the Society. Her efforts have created quite an impact on the ways schools function all over the country.

One of the reasons why Betsy is known for her efforts in education was because of the School Charter Movement. Betsy was at the very center of this movement, leading the charge for reforms to be put into place. She felt that the public education system is the country was not living up to the expectations that the people had for it, with children bearing the brunt of it all. She, therefore, took it upon herself to change this, lobbying for the use of taxpayers bills to upgrade the system. She believed that that is one of the best ways to use the money that the government collects, which can benefit the American society the most. According to the plan that she wanted to put in place, all public schools will be put into the hands of private owners. Since these private owners are people with big business, they know how to successfully run a large organization and institution, which can create the change that she wanted to implement. Check this article from NYPost.

However, that wasn’t the only change that Betsy wanted to bring about in the face of the American education system. She soon realized that the reason parents were putting their children into sub-par schools were because they didn’t have the right information in place to know any better. Schools in America aren’t like hotels where you can just Google to see their ratings. Since there was no scale in place to rate schools, parents can’t know which schools are ideal to put their children into. Betsy, therefore, started a movement which would make schools all over the country undergo a testing mechanism. The results of the test would be in the form of grades, whose information would be released to the people and parents when they are enrolling their children in schools. Check her website for more info at

Along with her husband Dick DeVos, Betsy DeVos started up a foundation to help students get better education opportunities. The foundation offers scholarships to students who are deserving but can’t afford a better quality of teaching. With the scholarships that the foundation offers them, they can enroll in a private school, to better develop their skills and talents. The foundation also provides scholarships to students who complete their MBA in a few select universities that the organization has partnered with.

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Advantages Of Joining Traveling Vineyards

Wine is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. Unlike other types of alcohol, the level of interest in wine can range significantly. While some people may be very casual drinkers of wine, others enjoy it so much that they become seasoned experts and collectors.

For those that are interested in expanding their knowledge of wine, joining a wine club can be a great idea. One of the top wine clubs in the world is Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard is an international wine club that promises to provide its customers with access to wines that they would not normally get to taste.


Once they are members of a club, the members will first get to fill out a form online. This form will ask a variety of questions including what their favorite types of wine are, which regions they prefer, and what they’d like to get out of a club. Based on this information provided, a member will receive a curtailed and detailed wine shipment several times per year. With each shipment, a member will also receive educational materials and cooking instructions to better understand and appreciate the wine.

Members of Traveling Vineyard also enjoy the laid back atmosphere that the company provides. The majority of employees that work for the company are individuals that have decided to establish their own small business. This means that each person that you deal with and purchase wine from will be very passionate and eager to share the experience with you.


Fabletics Makes Shopping For Clothes Fun

Fashion and shopping for clothes is supposed to be fun. However, at some point, this has gotten lost. One is probably wondering how it is that something that is meant to be fun has turned out to be boring and even intimidating. For one thing, fashion is not meant to be totally serious and intimidating. Perhaps one of the things that made fashion look that way is the overabundance of images of people in conservative wear which included suits and dresses. As a result, people often give up on fashion because they have decided dressing well is not practical for the type of life they live.


Fortunately, Fabletics is doing everything they can to bring the fun back in fashion. The creators know the frustration that customers face when they are under a lot of pressure looking at the different clothes and finding something that they truly like, but don’t buy because they are afraid of disapproval and ridicule. For men, it is much worse, there is very little in variety of the clothes that are available. Even within the variety, they are faced with ridicule because they are not playing the game and wearing the unofficial uniform.


Fabletics is encouraging both men and women to break free from this prison that has been imposed on them. Therefore, they are bringing out different styles that are fun and very beautiful to look at so that they can make fashion more fun and inspiring. After all, if people are not inspired by fashion, then they are going to treat it as a chore and do the bare minimum. As a result, they will find themselves wearing dull and boring clothes. As a result, they will feel unsatisfied with themselves. The partial reason behind this is that fashion is a form of self expression. To stifle fashion and style is to stifle self expression.


Other stores like Amazon and JC Penny that get involved with fashion often find themselves playing it too safe in fashion. Therefore, people are often looking for stores that they can shop at and get something different so that they can push the envelope of their own style. Fabletics offers women this type of experience for all sizes. This is what gives Amazon stiff competition in the fashion industry. Women are allowed to experience a greater sense of freedom with Fabletics. Not only will they have fun with the clothes they buy, but they will also have fun wearing the clothes.

Norman Pattiz Passion For Radio Broadcasting

After watching a horrifying movie or listening to a ghost story, one tends to look under the bed just to confirm no monsters are waiting to strike when lights go out. Well, PodcastOne is now featuring a new podcast, Beyond the Darkness. The podcast will host enlightened researchers in the field of ghost, miracles, mysteries, angels, demons and monsters.


The breathtaking conversations will test one’s knowledge on the paranormal activities in the world. It will be headlining on Chris Jericho’s podcast, and the hosts will be Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, both of whom are authors and radio hosts.


Norman Pattiz was confident in Chris’s Jericho network collection, and Chris has delivered as expected of him. He has featured wrestling stars, comedians and now, he takes a leap into the paranormal world, Beyond the Darkness.


It is projected to be a thrilling experience for all those ready to venture into the paranormal realm, and of course, a little bit scared to the point of grabbing a stuffed animal when going to bed!


About PodcastOne


Norman Pattiz founded it, and it’s the leading advertiser-supported network. It hosts popular podcasts such as Dr. Drew, Chris Webber, Laura Ingraham, and the Forbes among others. PodcastOne as an industry has individuals with vast knowledge in all things related to audio.


It also provides one with writers, web designers, digital engineers and app developers, to make your vision a reality. Norman Pattiz had been the CEO of PodcastOne from 2012 until June 23, 2016, and under his leadership and experience in radio syndication, it has become the nation’s leading producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming.



Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz also referred to as Norm, is recognized in the National Radio Hall of Fame. This induction is as a result of the contributions Norm has brought to the radio industry. He served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) in 2000, whose intentions are to inspect US nonmilitary broadcasting networks. He was appointed to the seat by both President Clinton in 2000, as well as by President Bush in 2002. Norman Pattiz, formerly founded Westwood One Inc., America’s largest radio network. Norm also serves as director of The Regents of the University of California since 2001.


Norman Pattiz has also been a founding father to Americas Arabic language radio, as well as Farsi language reaching out to over 40 million listeners. He is a member of Pacific Council on International Policy.

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