Rocketship Education is Making a Difference for Low-Income Students

Students in underprivileged neighborhoods are statistically destined for failure. Most Low-income students do not have a strong educational foundation. Their families usually do not value an education. Since they don’t, a cycle of failure permeates for this group of people. However, Rocketship Education is on a mission to stop this cycle from continuing.

Rocketship Education Public Charter Schools were first started in 2006. The school was established to help low-income community members from being left behind with their education. Many low-income people typically do not have a good education. A lot of them did graduate from high school but their educational aspirations stopped there. Many low-income people even dropped out of school.

These individuals typically have children at a young age. When their children are born they transfer their attitudes and views about school on to their offspring. This in turn causes their children to develop a strong dislike for schooling at an early age. Children also pick up on the negative attitudes that their parents and other people around them have about school. If they realize that people within their environment don’t like school; then they will probably have the same attitude.

Rocketship Education curriculum is designed to help students to succeed. They have dedicated teachers who work hard to educate students from kindergarten to the 5th grade. The organization works hard to ensure that students are getting the best knowledge possible. Students are given a structured environment. They are taught the fundamentals and given what they need to thrive as students.

The instruction that Rocketship provides is on point. Most of their students have high test scores and they are on the right track in their education. Rocketship is helping their students to be the best they can be at a young age. They are also helping them to like school at an early age. All of these different factors will help young students at Rocketship Education to become knowledgeable and successful students in the future.

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InnovaCare Health; Rick Shinto Helps in Saving Lives through Managed Healthcare Systems

The bridge between life and death is health. When the health is in crisis, then everything loses its meaning because life can be lost. With that in mind, it is highly critical to note that health is a delicate and sensitive issue that has continued to raise the attention of the governments alongside the healthcare practitioners. Over the years, these two parties have played a pivotal role in making healthcare services pretty affordable to everyone irrespective of their living standards or earnings. In this article, we shall look at InnovaCare Health, a managed care health organization that is based in Puerto Rico.


InnovaCare Health has been running the managed healthcare system for decades now. The company creates innovative solutions made for value-based healthcare systems through a modern integrated portfolio that caters to many patients at the same time. Moreover, with the excellent leadership the company has adopted, it has been possible and rather easy for the organization to work with different experts in coming up with viable healthcare solutions. This is not even enough because the management prides itself on being a leading managed healthcare services provider for medical service organizations alongside revolutionary healthcare services.


For InnovaCare Health, what matters is the need to reach out to patients who need emergency health care. Such patients have can either be in a position to reach the healthcare facility or not. Whichever the case, InnovaCare Health works hard to make sure that they have been attended to according to their healthcare plans. For that reason, the organization partners with healthcare facilities that share the same vision of providing patients with the best platforms of receiving healthcare.


In 2015, Puerto Rico was reportedly in a health crisis that affected millions. The state was in trouble because of the expensive health care costs that affected the industry. When InnovaCare Health heard the news, it came in to save the situation by offering modern healthcare services accompanied by affordable rates. Over the years, InnovaCare has maintained its position as the leading provider for managed healthcare.


InnovaCare Health has multiple subsidiaries that play a pivotal role in supporting its cause of providing healthcare services to the people of Puerto Rico. Moreover, with these affiliates, the company has been able to attend to more than 500,000 patients at ago. Perhaps with these services in place, InnovaCare Health will be able to bridge that gap between life and death. With that in place, it is also critical to highlight the roles that Rick Shinto the head of the company has played in growing it. For instance, since he is the CEO, he has been supportive of the innovative healthcare processes that exist. That is why he is revered for leading the company towards excellent healthcare services.


Dr. Saad Saad- Great contributions to the medical industry

Dr. Saad Saad is an accomplished pediatric surgeon who has been in the medical industry for the past four decades. He recently retired from the industry after working with passion and dedication in promoting the healthcare industry. As a pediatric surgeon, he dealt with cases of children and young adults. In his tenure in his industry, he left a mark that will last for many decades to come. His commitment to making the industry safe for all is something that will reign on for many years to come. He has left a great track record of making the industry safer than he found. He has made inventions and innovations which has changed the way surgical operations will be done going into the future.


Dr. Saad has not been a surgeon who just follows what others have done; he brought his innovativeness into the job. He worked in various projects that would raise the standards of service delivery as well as the services which he was offering to his patients. The medical industry know the impact of Saad especially in creating new surgical procedures which do not cause excessive pain and risk to the patient. One of the things he did is that he made sure that everything he was running well and in the manner prescribed by the regulations of the industry. He made sure that everything that he was doing was aimed at making the industry safer. His commitment to his job has led to two innovations which have been patented to his name. Apart from that, there are other medical operations which he has accomplished. He was the first doctor to perform a surgery successfully on the youngest child. The child had an aneurysm. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad has been to various parts of the world where he has accomplished his dream of serving the people. He has been to the middle east where he stayed for four and half years when he was hired by the Saudi Royal as the pediatric surgeon at the King Faisal Hospital, the fact that the royal family had confidence in his practice served as a great motivation to people who were looking up to him. He also raised the bar in the manner in which other professions saw him. He gained prominence since the royals only appoint people who have proven to have a very good track record of results.


Dr. Saad Saad was appointed to the position of pediatric surgeon at King Faisal for two main reasons. One, he was a certified pediatric surgeon in the United States. Secondly, he was fluent in Arabic and English. He would serve the people better since there was no language barrier. Dr. Saad Saad is originally from the Middle East. He was born in Palestine.


The Benefits of Consuming Waiakea Water

Consumers have various reasons for using drinking bottled water as a replacement for tap water. Apart from being safe, accessible, and of good quality, bottled water is the best available alternative for tap water in our homesteads and community. Customers need to know about several things before making their decisions to purchase bottled water. To begin with, bottled water is not made in the same manner. More often the bottled water is not fetched from the sources perceived by the customers. For instances, alkaline water might be normal tap water whose pH has been changed by passing it through a machine. Customers should also do some research about the company producing the water before buying and consuming their products. Having such information ensures that the water one consumes is safe.

Waiakea Water is proud of its bottled product that is currently the best in the market. There are many bottled water available for consumers in the market but none of them can be like Waiakea’s hawaii volcanic water. Staying loyal to the brand ensures that consumers are provided with a satisfaction that is not offered by other bottled water since the water comes from a trusted and quality source. The alkaline level of the Waiakea water is one of its peculiar features. The company provides water with the correct amounts of waiakea water ph since it takes into consideration the effect of pH in our bodies. Knowing the level of pH of the water we consume is important in looking after our cellular and tissue health.

Waiakea bottled water is a naturally occurring volcanic water that has a unique filtration process making it have numerous volcanic water benefits. The water flows through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. Leaving the water to filter naturally makes it sweet and pure. The Waiakea water is among the first Hawaian water to be fetched from Mauna Loa where it rains every day. Mauna Loa is one of the rainiest places in the world hence the supply of water is available throughout the year. Waiakea water presents several advantages to their consumers. The alkaline water decreases the symptoms of acid reflux. The water is also efficient in neutralizing the stomach and heartburns.

Why Sussex Healthcare Is Tops In The UK For Support Homes

Did you know that Sussex Healthcare is one of the top senior and support homes in the UK? Although this is home for many elderly, it is also available to those who need specialized care. The branches of this home are all located on the Southern coast of England. There are currently two men that chair together in this endeavor, including Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Although both men have unique backgrounds, their skills and knowledge combined together have improved the landscape of healthcare altogether for Sussex Healthcare.

When Sussex Healthcare first opened their doors in 1985, they only had one facility open at this time. Today, the group has grown to 20 facilities and counting. These facilities include everything employees and residents would need like a state-of-the-art gym, and the ability to get childcare as needed. There are many benefits for those who live at the home as well as for those who are working their.

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Sussex Healthcare is an all-around reputable group, offering care for those who are seniors as well as for those who are younger. The care at the home focuses on helping young patients who suffer from neurological diseases and disabilities. The young patients and their parents who are seeking assistance due to special care needs and a staff that is committed to handling the most challenging cases will find a huge welcome with this organization.

Additionally, as the company has continued their growth, they also took on a new CEO. Her number one priority was to ensure that a caring and experienced staff was present at all times. Ample training and the continued education are two very important aspects of the company and what they strive to offer to all who call Sussex Healthcare their home. While the management is focused on the importance of taking care of their residents, they also recognize that the very best help deserves the best in compensation.

Anyone that has a loved one in need of specialized and long-term care should be assured that working with the facilities through Sussex means the very best in care is available. All residents are encouraged to be active for as long as they can, and to thrive regardless of what ailments they face.

Talk Fusion App Fusion on the Go Offers Cutting Edge Technology for the Benefit of Its Associates

In today’s date, it is very important for the companies to be creative with their marketing measures. Most of the marketing methods used by the companies these days like video marketing or physical marketing through hoardings and banners are outdated and overtly competitive as well. However, the new marketing method that many companies are using and finding tremendous success with is video marketing. The company that is known to provide some of the most influential and engaging video marketing products and services is none other than Talk Fusion, which has been around since 2007. The Talk Fusion started promoting the use of its video marketing products and services around 2007 when many people and companies didn’t give it much heed, but today its products and services are one of the most sought after. Some of the leading corporations in the world, as well as highly successful executives and freelance professionals, use the products and services of Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion believes that the use of video marketing products and services would continue to increase in the time to come. One of the best means of engaging more customers with the clients’ products and services is to show them personalized videos that are tailor-made for them. It is what Talk Fusion products help in achieving. The company recently launched one of the unique video chat apps in the market by the name of Fusion on the Go, which can be used by individuals as well as enterprises. It would help the people with their video communication needs and allow companies and their employees to hold virtual meets online using the same app due to its ability to hold video conferences. It can be downloaded and installed on different devices as well and can be synchronized with ease. Learn more:


Fusion on the Go is quite different from the other similar app offered by other companies. It offers not just video conference facilities but also allow companies to choose from many different templates depending on their business type. The app is easy to use and allow associates to conduct their business no matter where they are.

Clay Siegall at his mission to steer Seattle Genetics to greater heights.

Clay Siegall at his mission to steer Seattle Genetics to greater heights.

The company has been for long indulged in the study of the human antibodies. They have also been involved in genetically producing antibodies and supplying them in the form of drugs. As a symbol of their interest, there is a green triangle at the entrance of their building that symbolizes the human antibodies. The firm was started in 1998.

With this venture, Seattle Genetics and its neighboring communities are hoping to hit more significant levels in the biotechnical field. As per now, Seattle Genetics is the most critical biotech firm in Washington, DC. It has over 900 members of staff. It is though expected to add about 200 staff members by the end of this year. The firm’s net worth is at $10 billion. The company is striving to move to biopharma. It is mainly focused on conducting research.

The company has a drug called Adcetris. It was developed to treat Hodgkin Lymphoma. The drug is still not yet released to the market as it under waits approval.

The corporate is chaired by Clay Siegall. He is also the president and a co-founder of the firm. He said that the company is diversifying globally. He recently led the company in opening a branch in Switzerland, Africa. He also noted that their drugs are mainly in line with treating the various types of cancer. However, Siegall is determined to steer the company into exploring other biotech fields other than oncology.

Siegall had set aside. $2 billion into gaining worldwide right to release a cancer drug to the market. After some complications with the manufacturing company of the drug in question, Siegall withdrew from the commitment. He has also led the company in conducting public fundraisings to gain the necessary capital needed for development of drugs. The firm’s major fundraising was when they were raising money for their drug, Adcetris. They raised over $500 million for the drug.

Before the establishment of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegal attended the University of Maryland. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology. He later attended the George Washington University where he acquired a doctorate in Genetics. He has worked in association with a pharmaceutical firm called Bristol- Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He was also employed at the National Institute of Health as well as working for the National Cancer Institute. Aside from his well- known career, Mr. Siegall is an author. He has written and published more than 70 books with 15 patents.

Siegall has been successful as an entrepreneur. When questioned of his success, he quoted an old mentor of his who taught him to never accept rejection in his career.

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Doe A Deere: One Girl Revolution

The creator behind Lime Crime, your favorite Instagram worthy makeup, is everything you would expect her to be. Doe Deere, 36, is undeniably pretty with a flawless icy complexion and candy-colored hair. Doe moved to the United States from Russia and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She had fun before deciding to go it on her own. She dropped out and began crafting and selling her own clothing designs on eBay. It wasn’t until she began to expiriment with makeup that Doe discovered where her true passion lay. When speaking of her days creating clothing she tells Inspirey, “I was in my experimental phase, exploring my creative side to discover what I really wanted in my career”(Doe Deere). But Doe didn’t just find her niche, she got far more than she was looking for.

Doe’s cosmetic design is all about fantasy and having fun. She has a love for fairytales and chose the unicorn to be the mascot for her brand. A couple glances at some Lime Crime lipsticks, or shadows and anyone can tell that this makeup is bold and unafraid to chase it’s inspiration. In fact, it’s Doe’s inspirations that make the brand so unique and cool. Her Alchemy collection was inspired by her daydreams of an alchemist and his boiling concoctions in shades of copper, noxious green and purple. Deere isn’t afraid to embrace glitter, princesses and mermaids. Her makeup encourages the wearer to create and be playful.

Inspired by fellow cosmetic pioneers Madame Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, Doe Deere isn’t just a creative powerhouse, she’s a fierce businesswoman who won’t allow business to stand in the way of her ethics. Doe says one of the best things about her new-found success was being able to give back to the charities that are dearest to her. It’s fitting, because compassion comprises a major part of Lime Crime’s brand identity. Doe chose the unicorn as a symbol not only out of love for fairy tale, but also because he is a symbol of kindness. Every product that Lime Crime creates has been certified to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Fair labor practices are ensured as well as Lime Crime cosmetics are made in Los Angeles, CA. Deere has remained committed to keeping her cosmetics animal-friendly, and carefully selected a labratory that shared her vision.

There are many vegan cosmetic companies out there, and Doe was wise to focus on honing her niche early on. She realised that by providing something no one else could offer she would be meeting the demands of that niche market. That’s what led her to bring her fantasy flair to vegan cosmetics. While Lime Crime’s look is editorial and bold, she believes makeup should make you feel happy. This is an integral part of Lime Crime’s mission to revolutionize makeup. So far it has been successful as companies seek to duplicate Doe’s unique perspective.

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Dr. Saad Saad Cares Deeply For His Patience

Taking on the role of pediatrician is one that requires a great many skills. Pediatricians are entrusted with caring for children. During the course of their day, a pediatrician may be called upon to assume many roles. The doctor will be asked to examine a newborn and see if that baby is meeting all milestones. A pediatrician will also be asked to examine a child and see if the child has a chronic illness. Many pediatricians also do surgery. Surgical procedures are one area where Dr. Saad Saad excels. During the course of his long career in the field of pediatrics, the doctor has performed many surgical procedures. As a result, he’s developed an impressive understanding of just how surgeries work. He’s also come to realize that surgical procedures can be improved. In the course of his career, he’s come to the realization that he can offer highly improved versions of commonly used surgical instruments.


Making Changes


As the doctor knows well, medical procedures have changed over time. In the last two decades alone, a great deal of progress has been made. He wants to see even further changes in the kind of surgery done. More specifically, he would like to see changes in the way that certain instruments are designed. This is why he’s proposing changes in two key instruments that are commonly used in surgical procedures today. His first proposed change is a change the catheter. He would like to see his easier to find version used. His second proposed change is a change in a particular type of instrument known as an endoscope. The endoscope is used for seeing inside of the body as the doctor works. He would like to see his own version of the endoscope used rather than the one on the market right now.


Caring Deeply


The world of medicine has long been a passion for Dr. Saad Saad. As a native of Cairo, Egypt he frequently saw how the power of medicine could be used to help transform lives for the better. It was this realization that led him to decide that the field of medicine was one that he could make his own. He earned a degree in medicine from one of the most prestigious universities in Egypt. After completing his basic training in the field, he decided he wanted to further his education in the United States. This brought him one of the best medical schools in the country. He then realized he could make a difference by practicing medicine in America. Since that time, he’s watched his career take off. In the process the doctor has continued to provide excellent care for his many patients. Learn more:

Securus Counters Prison Drones With New Detection Technology

For the past three years, many of our prisons have reported sightings of drones hovering back and forth to drop off illegal items to prisoners. These smuggled items could be anything from cell phones, drugs, pornography or weapons. This new way of bringing in contraband posing a much more serious threat for the correctional officers, prison guards, staff and other inmates within the incarceration environment. Drone usage is sadly the new reality for law enforcement officials to worry about and it’s becoming more prevalent in prisons across the United States and many other countries.


Securus Technologies has implemented and built many innovative technology solutions for our nation’s correctional and law enforcement agencies for over 25 years. Securus has serviced more than 3,500 of theses agencies and provided many updated communication solutions for over 1.2 million U.S. inmates. The company recently came out with a drone detection technology that was tested and proven to help combat drone smuggling. The company’s spokesperson shared that the detection technology will only get better over time. The drone detection and prevention program is already in full effect and a huge relief for correctional officers and staff alike.


The tech company has been praised by many in law enforcement for years. They have provided them with state-of-the-art technologies for monitoring, investigation, communication, emergency response, incident management and many other solutions. Securus Technologies’ reliability, response and professionalism has led them to win three prestigious Stevie Awards in 2018. Securus’ corporate escalations team won a Gold award for “Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year,” a customer service representative won a Silver for “Customer Service Professional of the Year” and their video visitation team were honored with a Bronze for “Front-Line Customer Service Team.” Over 2,500 nominations from organizations in various industries were thoroughly evaluated for the annual event.