Securus Counters Prison Drones With New Detection Technology

For the past three years, many of our prisons have reported sightings of drones hovering back and forth to drop off illegal items to prisoners. These smuggled items could be anything from cell phones, drugs, pornography or weapons. This new way of bringing in contraband posing a much more serious threat for the correctional officers, prison guards, staff and other inmates within the incarceration environment. Drone usage is sadly the new reality for law enforcement officials to worry about and it’s becoming more prevalent in prisons across the United States and many other countries.


Securus Technologies has implemented and built many innovative technology solutions for our nation’s correctional and law enforcement agencies for over 25 years. Securus has serviced more than 3,500 of theses agencies and provided many updated communication solutions for over 1.2 million U.S. inmates. The company recently came out with a drone detection technology that was tested and proven to help combat drone smuggling. The company’s spokesperson shared that the detection technology will only get better over time. The drone detection and prevention program is already in full effect and a huge relief for correctional officers and staff alike.


The tech company has been praised by many in law enforcement for years. They have provided them with state-of-the-art technologies for monitoring, investigation, communication, emergency response, incident management and many other solutions. Securus Technologies’ reliability, response and professionalism has led them to win three prestigious Stevie Awards in 2018. Securus’ corporate escalations team won a Gold award for “Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year,” a customer service representative won a Silver for “Customer Service Professional of the Year” and their video visitation team were honored with a Bronze for “Front-Line Customer Service Team.” Over 2,500 nominations from organizations in various industries were thoroughly evaluated for the annual event.


Securus Technologies Opens With Wireless Containment And Is Quickly Spreading To New Areas In Prison Technology

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, shared the nation’s shock and dismay as yet another Facebook Live video filmed by an inmate with a contraband cellphone circulated the Internet… The 3 ½ minute video filmed inside Evans Correctional Institution allegedly depicts 31-year-old Jose Ariel Rivera, an inmate serving a 10-year sentence for burglary, brandishing a knife.” (1)


What prompted this technology at Securus

“One of the present consultants of Securus Technologies once worked in a correctional facility, and he explained that he was one of the victims of those prisoners who have access to contraband cell phones. He stated that two armed male intruders went to his house, and assaulted him. The armed intruders revealed to him that they were instructed by a prisoner to harass and kill him because he keeps on confiscating cell phones inside the prison.” (2) “Robert Johnson, worked at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. He’d been in corrections for 15 years and his primary job was to confiscate contraband.”(3) Obviously his last confiscation cost an inmate dearly. Using a contraband cellphone the inmate ordered a hit on the officer, his home was invaded and for $6,000.00 wired to a Greendot card by the inmate the officer was shot 5 times in the chest. It should have killed him but he survived and went on to make sure this could not happen to others. (3)


There are two sides to this issue. Danger vs Rehabilitation.

On one side you have career criminals. These folks commit crime and violence as an occupation. They know they will eventually do time and take steps beforehand to keep their business operational. They put money aside specifically to cover the eventual period of internment. They have associates that are partners or associates and career criminals that keep their presence (business) on the street, even when they are in prison. They know the prison phones are always monitored so they get contraband cell phones and use them to continue to run their business both on the street and often on the prison black market. Mr. Johnson is just one of a vast number of instances of crime and violence that were directed by prisoners while in prison. That is a problem that had to end. On the other hand there are a significant number of inmates that are not career criminals, desire rehabilitation and a new chance but face strong odds against success. They are surrounded every day by all types of inmates. The topic of conversation is crime, the social structure is tight, prison libraries are a joke and so are most funded opportunities to change while an inmate. Prison phones are often broken, and talk time is limited. I a single year of this type of seclusion from society most inmates will have been offered work in crime by another inmate. That could be the only choice they feel they have when discharged. The revolving door concept begins on the inside, not in the courts. These inmates should be allowed the chance to interact with others on the outside to begin their path to rehabilitation and a productive future.


This is where Securus threw me a curve. After reading things like:

  • “Securus’ WCS has already detected and prevented over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts from eight US correctional facilities” (1)
  • “Between July of 2016 and July of 2017, Securus’ WCS detected and prevented over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts in eight U.S. correctional facilities.” (1)

I visited their website, The first thing I saw was not about restriction, public safety, investigative technology, corrections technology, or even monitoring technology (all of which they offer). The first thing I saw was called “Friends and Family”(4) It appears Securus does as much to support communication with the outside for inmates as it does to prevent improper use of the same.

Securus Invests More Than $1 Billion in Products and Technologies That Improve Inmate Lives and Security”, Business Wire article titled: Securus Listens Carefully to Inmates and Friends/Family Members Before Making Investments in Technologies (5) In this article they cite a list of concerns and needs voiced by both inmates and correction officers equally. (5)

Then I noticed Securus took the initiative to produce an Electronic Medical Records system for prisons, complete with Televisits (the ability to have an online visit with your Primary Care Doctor at home). These are serious improvements in inmate care compared to the past. This shows a company dedicated to every facet of the field they chose.(4)

With “30 years of experience serving the corrections industry”. And now “serving approximately 3,400 correctional facilities and more than 1.2 million inmates in 48 states” combined with such a vast and equal array of services to both the Prison and each inmate (4), if I worked there I would go home each night feeling good about what I did for a living.



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Securus Technologies Aiming to Lead the Payment Processing Sector in the Correctional Field

Securus Technologies is one correctional firm that has never failed to deliver on the promises it has made to its target audience and has consistently met the expectations of the consumers. The company is widely known for its inmate communication services but also provides a wide range of other correctional facilities, including governmental information management system, payment processing services, money transfer services, parolee tracking system, and more. The company has its operating system through which the inmates can recharge their phones and make calls as well get access to job opportunities, educational resources, music downloads, and more.


The investigative technology offered by Securus Technologies is known for its high-quality and usability and is used by thousands of correctional facilities across Canada and United States. The primary aim of Securus Technologies has always been to ensure a safe and secure environment in and out of prison, and it believes that technology can play a pivotal role in helping achieve it. Securus Technologies has not only ensured that the company continues to provide relevant services to the users in the correctional field, but also expand to offer new products and services. Recently, Securus Technologies announced the acquisition of GovPayNet, which is a leading payment processing vendor in the business currently.


With the acquisition of GovPayNet, the service portfolio of Securus Technologies has expanded, which would also help in bringing in more customers. The management of Securus Technologies, as well as GovPayNet, believes that the acquisition would help both the units to enhance their capabilities to serve the sector while being mutually benefitting to each other as well. GovPayNet has been the preferred payment processing partner for over 2,300 agencies across the length and breadth of the United States, and it is a figure that is expected to increase soon. The company aims to become the market leader in the payment processing segment.



Securus Implements Inmate Calling Forum For Customers

Securus Technologies has initiated a platform allowing their customers to solve and prevent crime. Their CEO, Rick Smith was adamant about a guaranteed secure network for his customers. Customers are invited to leave their comments on the Securus Technology website or confidentiality with one of their friendly and responsive IT professionals. They understand the importance of making their customers a part of their crime prevention program. Securus still utilizes their security monitoring and surveillance feature. Their main priority has always been the needs of their customers and protecting the general public. Securus is continually the leader in inmate calling and monitoring.


Securus Technologies Features


Remote Visits


If you’re on an inmates visiting list, you can download the Securus application and visit the ones you love over the phone. Enjoy a premium high def video and quality sound features. Plus, you get complete control over your visit with a few very usable onscreen features.


Packaging Services


You can show your friends or love ones in a correctional facility how much you care with a packaging services feature. Send personal hygiene items, clothing, shoes, food, and electronics. Each item is packed with care by a Securus packaging services professional.


You’re invited to join Securus Technologies and save today.


Many families and prisoners complain, but Securus Technologies keeps rates low

Over the last few decades, a system has developed in the prison communications industry whereby the prisons themselves are able to keep a substantial portion of the total revenues earned from outgoing calls. This system, referred to by some as a system of legal kickbacks, has actually been a crucial source of funding for many of the nation’s prisons, making up for budgetary shortfalls caused by local and state budgets that were unable to fund the prisons completely.


However, in many cases, the system has led to particularly high rates for prisoners in various jurisdictions throughout the United States. In some cases, such as that of the state of Arizona, prisoners have been forced to pay up to $1.50 per minute on outgoing phone calls, making it virtually impossible for anyone but the most well-heeled prisoners to stay in contact with their loved ones on the outside.


Many prisoners, families and prisoner rights groups have pointed out that this is actually counterproductive. Allowing prisoners to stay in constant touch with their family members not only is a great service to families, particularly young children who may not otherwise have their fathers in their lives, but it is also a way to maintain a high level of safety in the prison itself. This is because prisoners that are able to maintain meaningful relationships with loved ones on the outside are less likely to commit serious crimes while incarcerated. Those prisoners that are able to stay well-socialized with law-abiding citizens on the outside of prison are also less likely to internalize the social norms of prison life in the milieu of hardened and often violent criminals.


Because of this, Securus Technologies, the leading communications provider for prisons across the country, is doing a great service by providing cheap outgoing calling rates to the majority of prisons in which it operates.


Securus Technologies – Helping Keep Community and Its People Safe

For years the correctional industry didn’t witness much change in the way it used to function until Securus Technologies entered the correctional sphere. Securus Technologies offer a wide variety of products and services related to inmate communications, crime prevention, and criminal justice technology. The company understands the correctional industry well, and with experience of over three decades in the field, Securus Technologies knows what the end users are looking for. The company has devised a range of products and services that are useful for the inmates as well as law enforcement officers.


The inmates use the services offered by Securus Technologies to communicate with their loved ones. The crime prevention technology is utilized by the law enforcement agencies and officers to keep track of the criminals, watch their movements, find crucial information related to them, and ensure that they are caught quickly in case they try to commit a crime. The monitoring and surveillance technology offered by Securus Technologies has enabled the law enforcement officers to keep a close watch on the criminals as well as the community so that corrective measures are immediately taken in case of any problems created by criminals. Securus Technologies has also made the lives of prisoners easier by giving them the means to communicate with their friends and relatives.


The incarceration experience has become much better for them with the suite of services offered by Securus Technologies. The best part is that Securus Technologies doesn’t charge exorbitant amounts for its products and services, which allows the inmates and their families to use these services without having any second thoughts. Securus Technologies has contributed majorly to building a safer community by reducing crime rate and keeping criminals in check. Such services have become essential in today’s volatile world, so that law enforcement officers can work efficiently and criminals don’t get adventurous.


Using Securus Technologies as a Prison Secret Weapon

As a corrections officers of over two decades, I know that inmates will do or try just about anything to get the things they need inside their cells. These inmates will find ways to get drugs, cellphones, or weapons in the jail despite our best efforts to stop the flow of contraband. In all the years I have been employed by the prison, this year we saw the biggest increase in drug usage, in fact, inmates will openly talk about how it is easier to get drugs in jail today than when they were on the street.


In an effort to try and stop drugs in our prison, our superiors contacted Securus Technologies to install a new inmate phone call monitoring system. Our old system was dated and not that effective, so we were all excited about the idea of being able to lighten out load and focus efforts elsewhere as the monitoring system did the work of a handful of officers.


Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith, says his system is already in thousands of prisons and his entire staff works toward one goal of making the world a safer place for us all to live. This Dallas-based company had a stellar reputation, so we were excited to get working on the process.


During our first week using the new call monitoring system, we discovered inmates were getting drugs past the guards in the visitor centers in a number of creative ways. On one call, we heard chatter about inmates not only using drugs in their cells, but where they were hiding the drugs to keep them secure. After we discovered how the inmates were getting things into the jail, we would simply cut off that avenue and just make it that much harder for them to get their hands of that contraband.


Richard Smith CEO of Securus Technologies Cracks Down on the Rot in American Prisons

Over one and a half million Americans are currently doing jail stints of varying lengths in the hundreds of federal prisons out there. Out of those prisoners, Richard Smith handles the welfare of 1.2 million. The existing prison infrastructure wasn’t meant to hold these many inmates, and this is where things start going downhill fast. Overcrowding often brings along increased criminal activities within the walls of the prison. That arises from the higher-than-normal prison guard-inmate ratio in place. Here’s how Securus Technologies Inc. did to bring down prisoner-prisoner crimes.

Monitoring and Surveillance Systems

Before Securus Technologies came up with their advanced and efficient surveillance, investigative and surveillance services and tools prisons had turned into wild jungles; countless people ended up losing their lives. Illegal activities like the sneaking in of tobacco and alcohol to prisoners and money laundering have reduced, tremendously. That positive development Powered by Eric Smith goes to demonstrate that the company is indeed faithful to its core mission to make prisons safe. Rick is one CEO who genuinely values the inputs of those around him and most importantly the people using their products and services.

Under his successful reign at the helm of Securus, he has put measures in place to ensure that the views, suggestions and general feedback of the clients get heard and acted upon. One of the pilot projects orchestrated by Securus saw correctional officers anonymously submit valuable information about their corrupt colleagues. Additionally, the authorities were able to make meaningful headway with some outstanding investigations. All that was made possible by the tech company founded in 1986; Securus Technologies. Read more articles at HealingMagic.Net

Accolades Won by Securus

The company’s growth trajectory clearly explains why Securus continues to scoop top professional awards. The CEO, popularly referred to as Ricky has spared no expense in getting his company to the top. Rick has spent over half a billion dollars in acquiring trademark patents and software technology so far. The seasoned executive has seen the company continue to penetrate one state after the other over the past 30 years. Today, their presence can be felt in close to 50 states where they provide their prison services to an estimated 2,600 prison facilities.

About Richard Smith “Rick.”

Rick Smith is an Engineering Degree recipient from the State University of New York at Buffalo. His business acumen got refined as an MBA student at the prestigious University of Rochester. Currently, he’s the CEO, Chairman, and President of the Dallas-based prison technology company, Securus Tech. Rick holds executive board positions at Integra Telecom Co Ltd and Eschelon Telecom Inc. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Get Award Winning Inmate Calling Features With Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an interactive correctional calling network that provides their customers with more ways to save and more time to talk to their love ones in a correctional facility. They got their start as an inmate regulation provider and quickly grew as one of the largest correctional calling networks still responsible for monitoring and surveillance of inmate calls. Securus admits that they have a strong commitment to their customers. Thousands of inmates and their love ones have made the switch to Securus Technologies. On average, their customers are choosing their network, 10 to 1, over other leading competitors like Global Tel-Link.


In a recent initiative to prevent crime, Securus Technologies customers used their interactive technology to solve a crime involving a corrupt staff member. The crime was quickly reported to officials and ensured that their customers would not receive increased fees. It is important for Securus to do more to solve and prevent crimes beyond incarceration. They are glad to know that they have a platform that their customers can speak out on to help solve crime. They strongly encourage customer feedback. Securus is known for providing a secure network when and where their customers need it, to stay connected to their love ones in a facility.


Popular Securus Features


Video Visitation


You can get amazing face-to-face video over the internet to stay connected to your love ones and visit without ever having to leave home. They provide an amazing app that can be downloaded on your smartphone, tablet, or pc. For a one time fee, you can visit a love one over the internet from anywhere you choose. Their remote visitation feature is one of their most popular correctional calling features.


Become a valuable Securus Technologies customer by visiting their website today.