Betsy DeVos and Her Educational Mission

The educational system of the United States still follows an outdated formula. Although it used to be enough in the past, the school system that exists today does not allow for all children and students to benefit from the superior education that the U.S. is capable of providing. Many children end up falling behind, and the disparity between those who can afford private schools and those who can’t end up being even higher as time progresses.


Right now, there are hundreds of public schools in the United States that have been considered average and below-average regarding quality of education. Although the same characteristics can be applied even to other private schools, many children end up having no choice but to study in a less-than-optimal environment. This system is detrimental not only to the individual students, but to the future of the U.S. as well.


Elisabeth Dee DeVos, also commonly referred to as “Betsy DeVos,” is one of the few people in the United States that has focused her whole career into the fight for a superior educational system in the United States. She has been recently rewarded with the position of U.S. Secretary of Education in Trump’s government, a role that Betsy DeVos’ been wanting since she joined the movement of the education reform.


She is always rooting for the school choice reform and the revitalization of the school voucher programs and of charter schools scattered around the U.S. territory. She was a Republican National Committeewomen for the people of Michigan before joining the movement with her full attention, and was posteriorly reelected as well.


Apart from acting by herself and raising awareness about the problem with the educational system, she also participates in other organizations and institutions with similar goals for the country. One of them is the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and the other is the Alliance for School Choice, where she is a Member of the board of directors.


Her husband and childhood friend, Richard “Dick” DeVos, is also constantly fighting with her for the reform. He and Betsy raise awareness of the problem whenever they appear in the spotlights of media, which they do a lot. He used to be the CEO of Amway, and is currently dedicating his life to his aviation academy, which he created because of his youth’s dream of being an aviator.


Many lists consider Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos as one of the ten most philanthropic couples of the United States. They have already donated millions of dollars to charitable initiatives, women who were victims of abuse and children who needed financial aid. Betsy and Dick DeVos have also donated to public schools to encourage the educational reform and to improve the quality of their teachings.


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