Learn Why Kim Dao Is Leaving Japan For Good

It’s official. YouTuber Kim Dao is leaving Japan. She just released a video on her main channel letting her fans know why she chose to leave Japan and revealed her future goals. This new video is simply titled “I’m leaving Japan | Kim Dao.”Learn more : http://myinterviews.com.au/kim-dao/


At the start of the video, Kim Dao says she never intended to stay in Japan for her whole life. At most, she wanted to live and work in Tokyo for one or two years just to experience a new culture. Now, however, she feels it’s time for a change in her life.Learn more : https://twitter.com/kimdaoblog?lang=en


Kim Dao then says she has booked her ticket to head home to Australia. She really wants to go back to her hometown and relax with friends and family. Over the past few weeks, Kim Dao says she has experienced a tremendous amount of stress. She feels like going back to Perth to get some much needed R&R.


But don’t think Kim Dao is done traveling the world! As of today, Kim Dao plans on staying in South Korea for one whole week in the future. After that, she will travel to Europe for a whole seven weeks. The cities Kim Dao will definitely visit in Europe include Berlin, London, Florence, Copenhagen, and Prague.


If you want to follow Kim Dao’s vacation, she suggests subscribing to her vlog channel. She also asks all of her fans to tell her where they live so she can plan meetups. Kim also says she will post “throwback” Japan vlogs almost every week.



Fabletics Makes Shopping For Clothes Fun

Fashion and shopping for clothes is supposed to be fun. However, at some point, this has gotten lost. One is probably wondering how it is that something that is meant to be fun has turned out to be boring and even intimidating. For one thing, fashion is not meant to be totally serious and intimidating. Perhaps one of the things that made fashion look that way is the overabundance of images of people in conservative wear which included suits and dresses. As a result, people often give up on fashion because they have decided dressing well is not practical for the type of life they live.


The creators know the frustration that customers face when they are under a lot of pressure looking at the different clothes and finding something that they truly like, but don’t buy because they are afraid of disapproval and ridicule. For men, it is much worse, there is very little in variety of the clothes that are available. Even within the variety, they are faced with ridicule because they are not playing the game and wearing the unofficial uniform.


Fabletics is encouraging both men and women to break free from this prison that has been imposed on them. Therefore, they are bringing out different styles that are fun and very beautiful to look at so that they can make fashion more fun and inspiring. After all, if people are not inspired by fashion, then they are going to treat it as a chore and do the bare minimum. As a result, they will find themselves wearing dull and boring clothes. As a result, they will feel unsatisfied with themselves. The partial reason behind this is that fashion is a form of self expression. To stifle fashion and style is to stifle self expression.


Other stores like Amazon and JC Penny that get involved with fashion often find themselves playing it too safe in fashion. Therefore, people are often looking for stores that they can shop at and get something different so that they can push the envelope of their own style. Fabletics offers women this type of experience for all sizes. This is what gives Amazon stiff competition in the fashion industry. Women are allowed to experience a greater sense of freedom with Fabletics.