How Whitney Wolfe is Empowering Women in the Dating Game

Most commonly, online dating apps focus on men. The commercials are directed towards men, and the website layout itself may be heavily geared towards men. This is all based on the concept that dating is a man’s game. The man finds the woman, the man is the first to initiate contact, and the man is the first to ask the woman out on a date. Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of Bumble, a female-focused dating app that changes the game, empowering women to take control. Visit to know more about Whitney Wolfe

Originally when Whitney Wolfe thought of founding her own company, she wanted to get out of the online dating game. Her original inspiration was to create a special online social space for women, not a dating app. After meeting with Russian dating app founder Andrey Andreev, her inspiration quickly changed. Andreev convinced Wolfe that she should stick with what she knew best, online dating apps. It was definitely a good direction to go. Since founding Bumble back in 2014, it has attracted 35 million users and is America’s fastest growing dating app, drawing in a 70% increase in users every year. You may be surprised to find out that Whitney Wolfe only has 6 years experience working on online dating apps considering the tremendous success she has had with Bumble.

Because Bumble is a feminist-centered app, they have unfortunately had to deal with some tough criticism due to anger against feminist entities. At one point, personal details of staff members were posted online. This has caused Whitney Wolfe to suffer from anxiety, and she has employed bodyguards as well as full-time security at her office to keep her and her staff faced. Even though this opposition is unfortunate and in some cases very extreme, it goes to show the true success and exposure that Bumble has had, and it is easy to say that Whitney Wolfe has created a legendary online dating app that will continue to thrive for years to come.

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Clayton Hutson Is A Production Manager And Sound Engineer Who Appreciates The Creative Visions Of His Clients

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer and production manager who went into business for himself after realizing he had the skills to do so. His production company is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and he has worked with many different popular musicians, such as, Pink, Kid Rock, Guns N’ Roses, and Garbage. He was asked in a recent interview to reveal one of his favorite books, and he replied that the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson really helped to reduce his stress. He loves how the author recommends that people focus more on the important details and ignore everything else. This is pretty much how he operates his company, and it has paid off well.

Clayton Hutson says a normal day for him involves him working out all of the details for any given musical show. He has been working closely with Kid Rock recently and gets started at 6:30AM before anyone else is at the venue. Before getting started, Hutson lays out everything before him so he can clearly see what needs to get done. Before a show, he will do a walkthrough and will also run through the details to ensure that nothing gets done wrong. During the show itself, Hutson begins to focus on the work of breaking down the venue so his team is ready to go when the show is over.

Clayton Hutson loves taking his ideas and turning them into something tangible that can be used during a show. He will sometimes put together interesting set designs or new audio developments but always works with the kinds of ideas that can be made into reality. He loves how computers are making his work much easier and is also an early adopter of some of the most cutting-edge technology in his industry. It is his job to know every single detail about an event; all of the way down to the size of the equipment needed just in case it can’t fit into the entrance of the venue in question.

Clayton Hutson loves it when musicians want to go the extra mile to make their show special. While he appreciates special effects and large screens where images can be displayed, he also appreciates the artistry and creative capabilities of the musicians he works with. He wants to help them create something unique that will be appreciated by their specific audience, and his ability to do so is exactly what has made very popular in his industry.