The Future Of Lime Crime

The future of Lime Crime is extremely bright. The small beauty company that grew from its founder’s love and passion for expressive makeup is getting a new owner. It was announced recently that Tangram Capital Partners will be acquiring this popular cosmetics company. Tangram has had their eyes set on this makeup company for sometime now. Tangram is a private equity firm that is very experienced and has a diversified list of other beauty brands under its belt.

Tangram Capital Partners has a growth strategy in place. This strategy will charge forth the new brand that will be making its way into their portfolio. The consumer base that is already use to and associated with this branded cosmetic company will still get a whimsical, unicorn experience. Only now will Tangram focus on furthering the product lineup of this beauty brand. Tangram has plans of establishing partnerships to offer this brand to more unicorn loving makeup consumers.

The story and formation of Lime Crime is rather unique. It all began in 2008 by an aspiring beauty blogger. She began to crate makeup products and hair color that went along with her bold and bright personality. Soon, her makeup collection took over the internet. She was able to become a digital beauty boss when the digital world was still very new to makeup. So, this acquisition is a big accomplishment for the beauty blogger. This acquisition stands as a testament to how a person’s dream can become even bigger than what they expect.

The cult like following that consumers have for this brand was hard for Tangram Capital Partners to overlook. Being a brand that believes in empowerment and expression, won Tangram over. Tangram plans to continue to instill the values and fun this brand has created through its record breaking trends and pigmented products. Tangram plans to drive traffic to this revolutionary brand from the exact website that started it all, as well as new retail partners both online and in physical locations. Retailers from all over the world will be carrying Lime Crime and the soon to be new products.