Krishen Iyer Consults with Healthcare Industry

Krishen Iyer is interested in healthcare and technology linkages. As founder of Managed Benefits Services, a Carlsbad-based digital marketing company, Iyer offers consulting services to the healthcare insurance sector. Managed Benefits Services, Carlsbad, CA specializes in branding, marketing, media communications, and technological platform applications to healthcare insurance providers. He is committed to maximizing value and opportunities for his clients. A licensed insurance agent, and entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer founded Name My Premium LLC prior to MBS. Name My Premium was a 2015 Inc 5000 Winner. He currently owns Iyer Real Estate Co., and participates in philanthropic efforts throughout the region.


Krishen Iyer predicts that marketing and technology linkages will provide for:



  • An Increase in Rate of Digital Engagement Spending


  • Growth in Healthcare Consumerism


  • Honest Pricing


  • An Increase in Natural Language Processing


  • Continued Focus on Wellness


  • Advertising Shift to New Platforms


  • Improved Customer Service



Krishen Iyer practices advertising analytics. That is: emergency patients are not concerned with campaign ads in real time. They want to arrive at an emergency center recognized for safety and wellness programs. The medical facility ad campaign must be tailored for these concerns, and other, strategies. And MBS, Carlsbad, CA meets the need. Minimizing risk, maximizing value, providing empathetic marketing is key. Current technological platform apps are under development to serve the healthcare insurance industry for: Health, life and dental insurance lead management and consultation. Verticals and specific lead traffic are created to monetize opportunity.

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