Kirshen Iyer Has A Busy Schedule As Founder Of Managed Benefit Services

Krishen spends the majority of his time on his company, Managed Benefits Services, but it is well worth it for him doing what he loves. Managed Benefit Services used to be known as Quick Link Marketing, but was rebranded to better fit its services. Today, Managed Benefit Services focuses on managing insurance for their clients when it comes to health, life, and even dental insurance. Krishen Iyer is mostly focused on increasing the companies potential and implementing new strategies to drive growth.


Krishen earned his degrees from San Diego State University as well as the Grossmont College. Krishen’s studies were focused on public administration as well as urban development. These days, Krishen is living in California, like he has much of his life surrounding his education. As a detail-oriented man, Kirshen has a motivation to continue perfecting his ideas as well as his knowledge of the industry he is working in. Krishen Iyer doesn’t need to do too much to stay busy with his company, but he still takes the time to plan and organize his days in order to get the most work done and maintain a certain level of productivity.


Marketing is a big part of Krishen’s work and he is always trying to improve the technical side of his company and the development of new innovations. New ideas are what allow companies to continue growing after the initial idea is successful. According to Krishen Iyer, one of the biggest tools he uses to keep moving forward is to never look back. Spending too much time dwelling on the past and what could have been done better inhibits the path moving forward, which could potentially cause individuals to miss out on success that is waiting right in front of them.

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