Rocketship Education is Making a Difference for Low-Income Students

Students in underprivileged neighborhoods are statistically destined for failure. Most Low-income students do not have a strong educational foundation. Their families usually do not value an education. Since they don’t, a cycle of failure permeates for this group of people. However, Rocketship Education is on a mission to stop this cycle from continuing.

Rocketship Education Public Charter Schools were first started in 2006. The school was established to help low-income community members from being left behind with their education. Many low-income people typically do not have a good education. A lot of them did graduate from high school but their educational aspirations stopped there. Many low-income people even dropped out of school.

These individuals typically have children at a young age. When their children are born they transfer their attitudes and views about school on to their offspring. This in turn causes their children to develop a strong dislike for schooling at an early age. Children also pick up on the negative attitudes that their parents and other people around them have about school. If they realize that people within their environment don’t like school; then they will probably have the same attitude.

Rocketship Education curriculum is designed to help students to succeed. They have dedicated teachers who work hard to educate students from kindergarten to the 5th grade. The organization works hard to ensure that students are getting the best knowledge possible. Students are given a structured environment. They are taught the fundamentals and given what they need to thrive as students.

The instruction that Rocketship provides is on point. Most of their students have high test scores and they are on the right track in their education. Rocketship is helping their students to be the best they can be at a young age. They are also helping them to like school at an early age. All of these different factors will help young students at Rocketship Education to become knowledgeable and successful students in the future.

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