Felipe Montoro Jens and The Need for Better Public and Private Partnerships in Latin America

There may already be no shortage of quality, informative and accurate articles online that discuss the achievements and ventures of Felipe Montoro Jens. However, it is in the news article from InfoMoney that many readers can get the enlightenment or clarification they need about how Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is doing his best to improve the business environment that he is part of. It is also his duty to make sure that the Special Meeting of Governors of the IDB would have a fruitful discussion. He wishes that it would lead to profoundly bountiful benefits to the general public.

The InfoMoney also highlighted some of the other exacting details that happened during the meeting that was held in Argentina led by Dyoga Oliveira, the Minister of Planning, Development, and Management in Latin America. In there, it was revealed that Latin America needs more support and infrastructure that has to be thought over in a convention such as the meeting that Mr. Jens joined in. The meeting that happened also made sure the importance of leveraging private investments in Argentina is a priority. There is a need for financial guarantee mechanisms in Argentina because the market right now is competitive and is forcing them to spread prosperity to everyone.

Jens also reported that Latin American right now needs more infrastructure change and a convergence of all these elements in the economy that can bring about the best for the industry. Without such efforts, it may be hard, if not impossible, to get the kind of development that the country would need to implement to sustain its efforts to economic prosperity. Fortunately, there are now many Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in works in Latin America. These efforts not only hit the goals of the country but also manage to stabilize the situation of Latin America for better holistic national growth. This set of efforts would also serve as a good example for other states or groups of countries to emulate.

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Rocketship Education is Making a Difference for Low-Income Students

Students in underprivileged neighborhoods are statistically destined for failure. Most Low-income students do not have a strong educational foundation. Their families usually do not value an education. Since they don’t, a cycle of failure permeates for this group of people. However, Rocketship Education is on a mission to stop this cycle from continuing.

Rocketship Education Public Charter Schools were first started in 2006. The school was established to help low-income community members from being left behind with their education. Many low-income people typically do not have a good education. A lot of them did graduate from high school but their educational aspirations stopped there. Many low-income people even dropped out of school.

These individuals typically have children at a young age. When their children are born they transfer their attitudes and views about school on to their offspring. This in turn causes their children to develop a strong dislike for schooling at an early age. Children also pick up on the negative attitudes that their parents and other people around them have about school. If they realize that people within their environment don’t like school; then they will probably have the same attitude.

Rocketship Education curriculum is designed to help students to succeed. They have dedicated teachers who work hard to educate students from kindergarten to the 5th grade. The organization works hard to ensure that students are getting the best knowledge possible. Students are given a structured environment. They are taught the fundamentals and given what they need to thrive as students.

The instruction that Rocketship provides is on point. Most of their students have high test scores and they are on the right track in their education. Rocketship is helping their students to be the best they can be at a young age. They are also helping them to like school at an early age. All of these different factors will help young students at Rocketship Education to become knowledgeable and successful students in the future.

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InnovaCare Health; Rick Shinto Helps in Saving Lives through Managed Healthcare Systems

The bridge between life and death is health. When the health is in crisis, then everything loses its meaning because life can be lost. With that in mind, it is highly critical to note that health is a delicate and sensitive issue that has continued to raise the attention of the governments alongside the healthcare practitioners. Over the years, these two parties have played a pivotal role in making healthcare services pretty affordable to everyone irrespective of their living standards or earnings. In this article, we shall look at InnovaCare Health, a managed care health organization that is based in Puerto Rico.


InnovaCare Health has been running the managed healthcare system for decades now. The company creates innovative solutions made for value-based healthcare systems through a modern integrated portfolio that caters to many patients at the same time. Moreover, with the excellent leadership the company has adopted, it has been possible and rather easy for the organization to work with different experts in coming up with viable healthcare solutions. This is not even enough because the management prides itself on being a leading managed healthcare services provider for medical service organizations alongside revolutionary healthcare services.


For InnovaCare Health, what matters is the need to reach out to patients who need emergency health care. Such patients have can either be in a position to reach the healthcare facility or not. Whichever the case, InnovaCare Health works hard to make sure that they have been attended to according to their healthcare plans. For that reason, the organization partners with healthcare facilities that share the same vision of providing patients with the best platforms of receiving healthcare.


In 2015, Puerto Rico was reportedly in a health crisis that affected millions. The state was in trouble because of the expensive health care costs that affected the industry. When InnovaCare Health heard the news, it came in to save the situation by offering modern healthcare services accompanied by affordable rates. Over the years, InnovaCare has maintained its position as the leading provider for managed healthcare.


InnovaCare Health has multiple subsidiaries that play a pivotal role in supporting its cause of providing healthcare services to the people of Puerto Rico. Moreover, with these affiliates, the company has been able to attend to more than 500,000 patients at ago. Perhaps with these services in place, InnovaCare Health will be able to bridge that gap between life and death. With that in place, it is also critical to highlight the roles that Rick Shinto the head of the company has played in growing it. For instance, since he is the CEO, he has been supportive of the innovative healthcare processes that exist. That is why he is revered for leading the company towards excellent healthcare services.