Why Sussex Healthcare Is Tops In The UK For Support Homes

Did you know that Sussex Healthcare is one of the top senior and support homes in the UK? Although this is home for many elderly, it is also available to those who need specialized care. The branches of this home are all located on the Southern coast of England. There are currently two men that chair together in this endeavor, including Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Although both men have unique backgrounds, their skills and knowledge combined together have improved the landscape of healthcare altogether for Sussex Healthcare.

When Sussex Healthcare first opened their doors in 1985, they only had one facility open at this time. Today, the group has grown to 20 facilities and counting. These facilities include everything employees and residents would need like a state-of-the-art gym, and the ability to get childcare as needed. There are many benefits for those who live at the home as well as for those who are working their.

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Sussex Healthcare is an all-around reputable group, offering care for those who are seniors as well as for those who are younger. The care at the home focuses on helping young patients who suffer from neurological diseases and disabilities. The young patients and their parents who are seeking assistance due to special care needs and a staff that is committed to handling the most challenging cases will find a huge welcome with this organization.

Additionally, as the company has continued their growth, they also took on a new CEO. Her number one priority was to ensure that a caring and experienced staff was present at all times. Ample training and the continued education are two very important aspects of the company and what they strive to offer to all who call Sussex Healthcare their home. While the management is focused on the importance of taking care of their residents, they also recognize that the very best help deserves the best in compensation.

Anyone that has a loved one in need of specialized and long-term care should be assured that working with the facilities through Sussex means the very best in care is available. All residents are encouraged to be active for as long as they can, and to thrive regardless of what ailments they face.

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