Doe A Deere: One Girl Revolution

The creator behind Lime Crime, your favorite Instagram worthy makeup, is everything you would expect her to be. Doe Deere, 36, is undeniably pretty with a flawless icy complexion and candy-colored hair. Doe moved to the United States from Russia and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She had fun before deciding to go it on her own. She dropped out and began crafting and selling her own clothing designs on eBay. It wasn’t until she began to expiriment with makeup that Doe discovered where her true passion lay. When speaking of her days creating clothing she tells¬†Inspirey, “I was in my experimental phase, exploring my creative side to discover what I really wanted in my career”(Doe Deere).¬†But Doe didn’t just find her niche, she got far more than she was looking for.

Doe’s cosmetic design is all about fantasy and having fun. She has a love for fairytales and chose the unicorn to be the mascot for her brand. A couple glances at some Lime Crime lipsticks, or shadows and anyone can tell that this makeup is bold and unafraid to chase it’s inspiration. In fact, it’s Doe’s inspirations that make the brand so unique and cool. Her Alchemy collection was inspired by her daydreams of an alchemist and his boiling concoctions in shades of copper, noxious green and purple. Deere isn’t afraid to embrace glitter, princesses and mermaids. Her makeup encourages the wearer to create and be playful.

Inspired by fellow cosmetic pioneers Madame Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, Doe Deere isn’t just a creative powerhouse, she’s a fierce businesswoman who won’t allow business to stand in the way of her ethics. Doe says one of the best things about her new-found success was being able to give back to the charities that are dearest to her. It’s fitting, because compassion comprises a major part of Lime Crime’s brand identity. Doe chose the unicorn as a symbol not only out of love for fairy tale, but also because he is a symbol of kindness. Every product that Lime Crime creates has been certified to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Fair labor practices are ensured as well as Lime Crime cosmetics are made in Los Angeles, CA. Deere has remained committed to keeping her cosmetics animal-friendly, and carefully selected a labratory that shared her vision.

There are many vegan cosmetic companies out there, and Doe was wise to focus on honing her niche early on. She realised that by providing something no one else could offer she would be meeting the demands of that niche market. That’s what led her to bring her fantasy flair to vegan cosmetics. While Lime Crime’s look is editorial and bold, she believes makeup should make you feel happy. This is an integral part of Lime Crime’s mission to revolutionize makeup. So far it has been successful as companies seek to duplicate Doe’s unique perspective.

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