Learning from the Pioneer of Online-based Beauty and Fashion Industry

If you are possibly getting ready to start a business, there are basic things to learn. Finances, passion and business plans are just some of the first considerations. You also have to model your business in the right direction and follow successful owners and your enterprise will turn out to be profitable like that of Doe Deere.


Create a business idea and pursue it with passion

The greatest business ideas are known to have been driven by passion. Doe Deere created the cosmetics line fashions from passion, which in recent times became extremely successful. Look for the market trends, search your passion and in the event, you need some assistance, you can pick one or two lessons from Doe Deere to identify what is ideal for you.


Begin the process of planning every detail of your business. Seek professional coaching from many places to come up with the best business plan. It will also channel you to get the necessary financial assistance as well. Most of the banks and other micro-lending institutions use your business plans to consider a loan proposal.


Some things to consider

Some of the things to take into consideration when starting a business include:

 Initial start-up takes time, money and determination

 Your business will be rewarding in the long run when your drive pays back

 Your goods and services should be able to benefit people and the customers

 Do not forget to consider market trends, passion, assistance and other start-ups


In 2004, Doe registered an eBay account, named Lime Crime for her DIY Fashions. She developed the business model. It was not easy at first, but through inspiration and necessity, she was able to find the hard-to-find colors, seeing her launch the leading Lime Crime industry in 2008.


About Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born close to the new Millennium, in 1997. She is a generation Z, having grown in the era of internet and computer technology. The Generation Z is unique since it is the first to adopt online shopping, a model Doe has capitalized on to grow her business. It is a complete shift from the brick-and-mortar trade.


Doe Deere is an entrepreneur and business owner who took a passion in makeup and beauty and turned it into a successful cosmetics venture. Her business has gained popularity over the years. Some of her products include lines of nail polishes, lipsticks and eye shadows. Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic brands to invest on an e-commerce trading in 2008. The venture became successful, making the firm a pioneer on e-commerce innovations, and one of the most successful.


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