Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Network Is A Force To Reckon With In The Advertisement Industry

Video and Audio on demand have been the two technologies that are currently shaping the internet as we know it today. Audio on demand has led to the rise of podcasts and podcast networks. These two technologies have redefined how people get access to visual and audio content in the post-internet era.

One of the individuals who has exploited the opportunities in the audio-on-demand sector includes media personality, Norman Pattiz. Recently, Norman and Tom Webster made public the findings of research they conducted on the power of advertising on a podcast network.

The tests were carried out across a handful consumer brands that were drawn from distinct service and product categories.

Tom, one of the executives at a leading research institute, Edison Research has a longstanding career in surveys. Norman Pattiz, on the other hand, is the brain behind one of the biggest podcast network called PodcastOne. The study on each consumer brand was done in two phases, before the running of the advertisement campaign and then after the ad campaign was done. The research brought to the fore findings that podcast advertising had a lot of impact on brand awareness, the intent of customer to purchase and brand recall.

From the survey, it was discovered that the number of people who were aware of a particular automobile product had risen by 60 percent between the time the advertiser campaign had not run and post-advertiser campaign.

The awareness of possible clients to a casual dining restaurant had increased by 76 percent. More than half of the listeners to PodcastOne were able to mention a grocery brand after an advertiser campaign of specific grocery stores had run.

On the financial services sector, there was a 7 percent jump from the pre-study on the number of people who knew about a particular financial services product and brand. The number of individuals who were clear that they could use a garden product such as a lawn mower had risen by 24 percent. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

This study went a long way in showing the effectiveness of podcast advertising. PodcastOne is one of the biggest audio on demand network that is advertiser-driven. What makes a podcast network one of the best advertising platforms is the fact that most listeners are usually a target audience.

Other than PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz is involved in other successful ventures in media which include Courtside Entertainment and Westwood One. Norman Pattiz boasts of several years’ experience in broadcasting.

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