The Many Successful Projects of CTRMA

Mr. Mike Heiligenstein is Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

Mike has been a part of the organisation ever since it was formed. CTRMA is independent of the government and is dedicated to providing transit solutions for the state of Texas.

Mr. Mike Heiligenstein led CTRMA in a new project in 2015 – the new MoPac Express Lanes. This project was meant to introduce variable tolling which would result in managing the traffic a lot better.

While MoPac is not able to eliminate congestion, the Express Lane has been able to alleviate the traffic during rush hours significantly.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is also working on integrating technology solutions into their projects in order to turn the roads into ”smart highways”.

So far fibre lines have been installed along many roads such as the 183 South project which was built in 2015 between the airport and US 290. The fibre lines were installed in foresight of the smart vehicles that will be able to drive on their own without needing a human to operate them.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority also stepped into partnership with Metropia. Together, the two organisations designed a mobile traffic app. The app was integrated with the monitoring system in order to provide alternative routes in real time for the commuters.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority also worked together with Carma – a carpooling app. The held a campaign that encouraged passengers to use the app and rideshare.

Such alternatives for transportation have the potential of substantially reducing the exhaust fumes in the air and the traffic, especially during rush hours. Using ridesharing apps even has the potential of getting rid of traffic congestion for good. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The CTRMA is also working to accommodate people who walk or pedal. The organisation has built Shared Use Paths along their projects wherever possible.

The shared use paths are dedicated to cyclists and pedestrians and are connected to already existing paths of the same type. Such projects have been completed in Williamson County, for example, along 183A.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is dedicated alleviating the traffic in the area of Central Texas as well as to provide other solutions for transportation.

Over the years the organisation has been in many partnerships that have produced great results. CTRMA has been contributing significantly on their own as well. One of their biggest projects was the alleviated traffic in Williamson County.

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