Learn about the medical inventions of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a skilled pediatric surgeon who has created a great track record in this field of medicine.

He has performed very many operations when treating children. In this profession, h has mainly dealt with children between the ages of six months and 14 years. His career practice has been primarily in New Jersey although he has been to other parts of the world facilitating treatment of the young people.

In the 1980s, he was working with the Saudi Royal family as the private pediatric surgeon. He was involved in the surgical operation of children from the royal family and even from low-income families who had complicated medical conditions that need the assistance of professional like him. He served in the region for five years before coming back to the United States.

Dr. Saad Saad is also known for his philanthropy. He has offered free medical services in the United States and the Middle East. He has participated in medical missions supported by humanitarian organizations. He has performed surgical operations to very many children at no fee. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

He believes that the most important part of his career is helping other people. It is never about money first, it is getting fellow human beings treated. He does not look at anyone from the lenses of the race of origin. He treats all his patients equal and believes that they deserve equal treatment.

Some remarkable achievements have also marked the career of Dr. Saad Saad. He has invented devices that could not have been possible in the past. He has two patented innovations which are making it easier for surgical operations to be carried out. He has created an endoscope that has a suction system to remove body fluid s from an area of inspection, and he has also created a catheter that can be tracked without the need of a scan.

These two inventions will soon be in every hospital after the mass production of the objects begins. So far, he has tested them with his patients, and they are working great.

Saad Saad has built a great career by helping children get world-class treatment. He has committed his life to serve the little ones who otherwise would not have a chance to live.

He has helped thousands in American and other countries. He believes that the work he has done for the past four decades will influence others to want to be like him. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html

The story about his origin is the most inspiring story you can ever hear. It is a story that will make anyone realize that your origin does not determine your destiny. He was born in Palestine, lived in Kuwait as a refugee before he got a chance to work in the United States.

GreenSky Looking For Further Growth

The ability to gain access to affordable capital is something that many people have struggled with over the past decade. In this time period, many traditional banks have back on the types of personal financing that they do. This is especially true for people that are looking for loans that would be used to repair their homes or make certain types of home improvements. While traditional banks have no longer been able to provide or manage these loans, one company has continued to grow and develop this form of lending.

For the past decade, GreenSky Credit has continued to grow and develop a very unique lending practice that has helped millions of people gain access to the capital that they need. This organization started as an online lending company that focused on providing loans to people that needed to make improvements to their homes. Unlike other types of online lending organizations, this company continues to partner with traditional banks. As opposed to raising their own capital, they end up getting the majority of their capital from a normal bank.

When GreenSky Credit provides a loan, they will end up collecting a fee from the banks for originating and managing the loan. This includes underwriting, approving, and monitoring loan payments going forward. This form of structure has allowed the company to grow and scale at a very fast rate. Going forward, the company is also looking for unique ways to grow and develop.

One of the main ways that GreenSky will continue to grow and develop is by seeing out new capital sources. For the past decade they have continued to raise capital from private and institutional investors. As opposed to doing this in the future, the company will look to raise capital through the public markets.

Under the leadership of CEO David Zalike, GreenSky Credit could consider taking the company public with an IPO. If they are able to do this, it will greatly open up the ability for the company to raise equity and debt. This will allow them to venture into other areas of lending and grow faster.


Ted Bauman: A Different Type of Economy

The climate of economics is changing. This is not something that is just happening in the united states, it is a global phenomenon. Increasingly more people are taking charge of their finances and looking for creative solutions to their financial needs. Many people have used the articles of Ted Bauman to increase their financial portfolios exponentially. He is the editor and writer for multiple articles that readers everywhere adore. Some of the information that he gives is about asset protection and low-risk investment strategies. Since he has a lot of experience with international travel, he also tackles migration issues for his readers.

His recent interview with Ideamensch discusses the habit he believed has been instrumental in his overall success. One of those is his ability to execute excellent time management. Time management is a great skill for anyone to have, but Ted Bauman needs to maintain that at a higher level because of his responsibilities. Much of the work that Ted Bauman complete the self-directed. This means that he needs to stay on top of his responsibilities 24/7. He explains to his interviewer that one of the most important things that he’s noticed about himself is that he is more productive in the morning. This increased productivity means that he can assign himself more difficult tasks during this time. It has proven to be a very effective method.

In fact, the method has been so productive that Ted Bauman would love to go back in time and give himself that advice. Ted Bauman believes that he would have been more effective in his roles had he taken the time to do that. He wants his readers to understand the lessons that he has learned from this behavior. Adjusting a simple habit can have astounding consequences. One of the reasons why people go and view his work is because they want to feel empowered to take it back their finances. Ted Bauman wants them to be able to live independent of governments and rely on themselves for financial prosperity. His work is helping to breed a new economy that is driven by the individual and not big business.

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Krishen Iyer Consults with Healthcare Industry

Krishen Iyer is interested in healthcare and technology linkages. As founder of Managed Benefits Services, a Carlsbad-based digital marketing company, Iyer offers consulting services to the healthcare insurance sector. Managed Benefits Services, Carlsbad, CA specializes in branding, marketing, media communications, and technological platform applications to healthcare insurance providers. He is committed to maximizing value and opportunities for his clients. A licensed insurance agent, and entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer founded Name My Premium LLC prior to MBS. Name My Premium was a 2015 Inc 5000 Winner. He currently owns Iyer Real Estate Co., and participates in philanthropic efforts throughout the region.


Krishen Iyer predicts that marketing and technology linkages will provide for:



  • An Increase in Rate of Digital Engagement Spending


  • Growth in Healthcare Consumerism


  • Honest Pricing


  • An Increase in Natural Language Processing


  • Continued Focus on Wellness


  • Advertising Shift to New Platforms


  • Improved Customer Service



Krishen Iyer practices advertising analytics. That is: emergency patients are not concerned with campaign ads in real time. They want to arrive at an emergency center recognized for safety and wellness programs. The medical facility ad campaign must be tailored for these concerns, and other, strategies. And MBS, Carlsbad, CA meets the need. Minimizing risk, maximizing value, providing empathetic marketing is key. Current technological platform apps are under development to serve the healthcare insurance industry for: Health, life and dental insurance lead management and consultation. Verticals and specific lead traffic are created to monetize opportunity.

Businessman Flavio Maluf reports on Brazil’s Agribusiness sector.

Flavio Maluf is a prominent businessman born in a political dynasty to a renowned businessperson and politician. Although he was born into a wealthy family, Flavio had to work hard and gain experience that has helped him in creating his business empire.

He attended Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Despite being an engineer, he had a great interest in entrepreneurship. He enrolled for a second degree in business administration. Upon graduating in 1997, he took over the control of their family business. Learn more at mundodomarketing.com about Flavio Maluf

In a report presented in June by Flavio Maluf on the agribusiness sector in Brazil, he indicated that there was a decrease of 0.7 percent in the agribusiness export in June compared to the exports of June 2017. He pointed out that the agribusiness sector comprised of 45.6 percent of Brazils export for June 2018. There was a 10.1 percent decrease in import that represented a drop to $1.04 billion as at June 2018.

Flavio Maluf specified that the result of the movement of goods in imports and exports had created a balance in the agribusiness sector that represented the U.S. $ 8.17 billion that equates to an increase of 0.7 percent. He pointed out that the major export from Brazil is Soy that amounted 53.5 percent followed by forest products, meat, and meat products, sugar and coffee.

Flavio Maluf points out that a large amount of the exports went to Asia, specifically China, which has been the largest importer of the Brazilian soy for the past year starting June 2017 to June 2017 and mostly during the first half of 2018 where they were mainly shipping Soybeans and Cellulose. Flavio Maluf states that the European Union, comprising 28 countries is the next major destination for most of the Brazilian agribusiness products for June. The main agribusiness products exported to these countries include pulp, orange juice, and green coffee.

According to Flavio Maluf, from January to June, Brazil has exported 46.27 millions tons of agribusiness products corresponding to the US $ 18.43 billion, which is a massive increase compared to the same period in 2017. Flavio Maluf noted that the Ministry of Agriculture helps in coordinating the 28- sector chambers.

Learn more: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/conheca-com-o-empresario-flavio-maluf-alguns-mitos-e-verdades-a-respeito-de-ser-um-empreendedor,21991ecd7b49587604a2d972ecada3b6lz1vsqwr.html


Wes Edens Works with Traditional INvestments and New technologies

The world we live in is constantly evolving to bring new technologies into the equation for millions of people to enjoy. Business leader and investment specialist, Wes Edens is always looking to find new ways to evolve these new technologies for the good of the people of the world. A popular investment specialist, Edens uses his skills to bring success to the sports sector and to new renewable sources of energy and transport, including the Brightline rail service now active in Florida.

After studying for a degree in finance at the University of Oregon, Wes Edens began his financial career in the early 1980s with a role at the California Savings and Loan. Just a few years later, Edens had been promoted to a role on the board of the financial institution and would later take up the role of CEO. Following this initial business success, a number of job offers flowed in for the passionate skier who would go on to work with globally-renowned financial institutions including Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers. By 1998, Wes Edens was ready to strike out on his own and created the Fortress Investments group, which was sold in 2018 for $3.3 billion to Softbank. His LinkedIn Profile.

Not only is Wes Edens an expert in identifying the latest area of technological innovation for his business career, but he is respected for the success he brings to his many sporting endeavors. A recent acquisition has been the team Flyquest, which competes in the E-League using the Online video game, “League of Legends.” Technology is used in almost every aspect of the work of Wes Edens, including the development of the Brightline rail service in Florida which provides passengers with a high-speed train journey and powerful wi-fi experience. Average road journey times between Fort Lauderdale and Miami are usually stifled by traffic speeds of around 34 mph, but the Brightline service takes just 30 minutes with an average speed of 80 mph.


OSI Food Solutions: A World Leader in the Food Industry

With 65 facilities located in 17 different countries, and annual sales being a little over $6.1 Billion, OSI Food Solutions is presently one of America’s top 100 food companies. OSI is a global, privately owned, food provider company that supplies custom food products to the top retail food brands and food services. OSI Food Solutions is a meat processor that centers around making high-quality foods such as sausage patties, burgers, chicken strips, nuggets, hot dogs, pot roasts, bacon bits, pizzas, and so many more.

Having over 20,000 employees, OSI Food Solutions states that, “OSI believes all persons have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.” With that being said, it is safe to say that employees are well cared for and are working in an enthusiastic environment. Employees within the company are hired not only based off of their qualifications, and business needs, but also according to their virtue and integrity. Careers with the OSI Foods company are offered all across the globe, and can be found on their website.

In 2016, the OSI group had been awarded the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. OSI won the Globe of Honour by maintaining outstanding environmental management, as well as exceptional health and safety within their facilities. As such an amazing company, OSI Group has won many awards including 12 medals recently, at the 2018 World Steak Challenge, the Top Food Supplier Award from Trade Monthly Magazine (Flagship Europe), 2014 Refrigerated Processor of the Year by Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Magazine, and more.

Although OSI Food Solutions is consistent with their award winning, these are not the only success stories that the company has to share with the world. Fast food chains that partner with the company have been showing a rise in chicken consumption. In order to keep up with customer demands, OSI’s Chicken Production Capacity has doubled! Not to mention, they had just purchased a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for $7.4 million and offered jobs to all of the former Tyson Foods employees.

In the midst of watching OSI Foods continue to grow and succeed, it is very easy to discover why they have become a world leader in providing quality products and custom solutions for the food industry. It is always exciting to see a business that knows how to treat their employees, their customers, and produce high-quality foods.

17 years of GoBuyside efficiency in Hiring

Human resources are undeniably one of the most critical factors of production, especially in the finance world. Many companies, unfortunately, have a challenge in recruiting excellent and competitive workforce. Providentially, GoBuyside has assisted companies in hiring the best workforce. As a platform, many companies across the vast finance world in the USA have benefited from it. Hedge funds, private equity firms, and other similar entities over the years have relied on the platform. Currently, over five hundred firms continue to trust on the platform for a reliable and efficient workforce. This, however, is not to mention the fact that the platform has had a positive impact in assisting over a thousand entities in search of the finest human resource.


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Nevertheless, what makes GoBuyside exceptionally great? First, it is one of the most trusted platforms. Different companies, both big and relatively small have always relied on its efficiency. The companies not only get the best placement but also match candidates most suitable for the company’s vision. Second, unlike the traditional placement process, which is relatively slow, GoBuyside is fast and efficient. The company can find placement within ten days. The speed and efficiency are mainly due to the company’s deep connections with the competitive workforce. The relationships help the company to narrow down interviews with about only ten viable candidates.

The most iconic feature of GoBuyside as the best hiring alternative is the company’s deep understanding of the changing workforce realities. The platform, for example, is not restricted to geographical locations while finding a replacement. The diversification challenges the typical replacement restriction of locality. Second, the platform acknowledges the work schedule changes. Currently, part-time jobs, projects, and passive working are part of the American workforce. GoBuyside in the last seventeen years has been a flexible platform without sacrificing efficiency and quality of replacement.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoBuyside/

Kirshen Iyer Has A Busy Schedule As Founder Of Managed Benefit Services

Krishen spends the majority of his time on his company, Managed Benefits Services, but it is well worth it for him doing what he loves. Managed Benefit Services used to be known as Quick Link Marketing, but was rebranded to better fit its services. Today, Managed Benefit Services focuses on managing insurance for their clients when it comes to health, life, and even dental insurance. Krishen Iyer is mostly focused on increasing the companies potential and implementing new strategies to drive growth.


Krishen earned his degrees from San Diego State University as well as the Grossmont College. Krishen’s studies were focused on public administration as well as urban development. These days, Krishen is living in California, like he has much of his life surrounding his education. As a detail-oriented man, Kirshen has a motivation to continue perfecting his ideas as well as his knowledge of the industry he is working in. Krishen Iyer doesn’t need to do too much to stay busy with his company, but he still takes the time to plan and organize his days in order to get the most work done and maintain a certain level of productivity.


Marketing is a big part of Krishen’s work and he is always trying to improve the technical side of his company and the development of new innovations. New ideas are what allow companies to continue growing after the initial idea is successful. According to Krishen Iyer, one of the biggest tools he uses to keep moving forward is to never look back. Spending too much time dwelling on the past and what could have been done better inhibits the path moving forward, which could potentially cause individuals to miss out on success that is waiting right in front of them.

iPass receives investment from the Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group was acquired by SoftBank in 2017. In the deal worth 3.3 billion dollars the bank acquired the group in its entirety, and as such, the group (FIG) will no longer be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. They were in fact delisted immediately following the completion of the acquisition. The Fortress Investment Group started in 1998 has over the years grown to manage more than 40 billion dollars as per the time of acquisition. It had been speculated for the last two years that SoftBank had had an interest in the group for a long time. The group was looking for an investment vehicle that would guide its investment strategy in the country. The bank that started as a software vendor has been growing and diversifying its portfolio away from technology where it has been known to make most of its deals. They were keen to venture out, and they understood that Fortress would be a good area to start, and as such, they were keen to get them despite the obstacles. Once shareholders approved the acquisition, which offered them a forty percent premium per share they went ahead and requested for approval from the other relevant agencies in the United States. The deal was approved, but they had to make a number of concessions that entailed them leaving the day to day running of the group to the existing management. SoftBank was willing to accept these terms as they already knew the team’s capabilities having steered its operations for the last twenty years and achieved so much over those years. The partners and principals would, in turn, continue to reinvest profits earned to continue to strengthen the financial position of the group.

The Fortress Investment Group has made a number of investments since it was acquired which include a 20 million credit facility to iPass. This is a technology company that provides hotspots all over the world. The company was looking for a strategic partner that would use its existing patents to secure the amount. The Fortress Investment Group were coincidentally looking for the same opportunity given its focus in technology investments. The deal was secured enabling iPass to secure its balance sheet which has enabled them to focus on the increase of income generating activities. The deal saw iPass get the first ten million once the deal was agreed upon while the rest continues to be disbursed as time goes by.